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 Sung Figaro

 Music study Patrik Kako, piano study Ivan Horňák, choirmaster Anna Novotná Pešková, screenplay and directed by Jiřina Marková Krystlik, actress speech by Michal Zelenka, costumes by Eliška Poulová, Svetlana Thierlová, scene by Lubomír Krystlík, dance choreography by Iva Benešova. The performance features the classical department of International Conservatory. The show will feature excepts from the operas of the Figar wedding, Don Juan, Cosi van tutte, the well-known Mozart menuets and the Turkish march, Agnus dei of the Crown Mass. / in the Italian language / Wolfgang Amadeus MozartJohann Chrisotomus Theophil Mozart was born 27.1. in Salzburg.

His father, Leopold, was a bandleader and soon discovered his son's musical talents and began teaching him himself. At the age of 6 he had his first violin and began to perform in the imperial courtyard as well. Soon he began to compose himself and became famous. He was popular, respectable and whimsical. At the age of 30, the famous Figar wedding premiered in Vienna, which, of course, had even more success in Prague.

He loved Prague and visited it four times in all. Our show will begin in January 1787, when Wolfagang's carriage approaches the Dust Gate, where customs was in town. The moment Wolfgang tracked down from the carriage, a baker walked past him in a spectral, whistling a Figar's tune. After the premiere of Figaro's wedding at Nostic's Mozart Theatre, he declared "My Prague understands me." He was taking an order from Prague for Don Juan. That opera premiered here the same year. Outside the opera, he composed chamber tracks, menuets, piano concerts, songs for loops and, at the end of his life, the famous Requiem. Though a cub died at 35, he is one of the most staged composers in the world.

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