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The Soul of Gershwin

The jazz singing and world music department of MKP comes with a project called The Soul of Gershwin (Portrait of Gershwin). G.Gershwin's songs go around the world and were sung by personalities such as Cher, Elton John, Peter Gabriel, Sting, Kate Bush, Sinead O'Connor, Carly Simon, Ella Fitzgerald, Lady Gaga, F.Sinatra, T. Bennett, Aretha Franklin, Leona Lewis, Amy Winehouse… They are in the style of jazz, ballads, swing, primarily in an optimistic spirit and now not just in the performance of students in the Department of Jazz. singing and world music MKP. The program is in collaboration with the Music Department. Solo and choir songs are linked by spoken word, dance and piano concert. Directed by Marta Olšrová, the stage and motion modification by Petr Šudom. MKP educators are involved in singing, music studying and speaking the word.

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