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Rock´n Roll is not death

The Jazz Music Department's spectacular music show set up a concert in honor of this soul icon. Stevie Wonder, in his musical career, has written countless hits that the general public will recognize. The concert will be accompanied by the Jazz Department band, which will be reinforced by the lecturers themselves. It will be a big show, coupled with projections, dancers and top singers of our Conservatory. The band will play in this cast: Percussion instruments, bass guitar, guitar, keys, breath section and vocal duo. There will be hits such as: I just call, You are the sunshine, Overjoy and more. Lead Vocal: Erika Nováková, Anna Coufalová, Dorota Brzezinová, Alexandra Ščuková, Václav Dufek, Jakub Kostík, Michal Málik, Luna Begovič, Nela Džudžová, Radek Malár. Band: Bicí nástroje: Martinek Fečo Guitar: Zdenek Kaplan, Bass: Josef Fečo, 1.Piano: Jakub Tokoly, 2.Piano: Marek Ondič, Sax: Jan Fečo, Petr Janda, Trumpet: Miroslav Hloucal, Vašek Cháb, Trombone: Richard Šanda, Vocal Duo: Erika Fečová, Jana Rybníčková. Talented but blind since birth, Stevie signed his first contract as a 12-year-old with Motown Records. He made his way here with his children's soprano and excellent play on the blowtorch. When he came of age, his voice shifted between a high tenor and a baritone. Reaching his majority, he entered into a new contract that allowed him to form entirely independently. He collaborated with musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Bob Marley and many others. In five decades, he has recorded more than 35 albums with a total of given carriers, over 100 million pcs, had 30 hits in the Top Ten and won 22 Grammy Awards. In 1974-1975, he won 9 American Academy Awards. I don't think there's any more to introduce.

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